Smart Textiles Survey

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Two years ago, KAMITIS conducted a study on smart textiles to find out what people’s expectations were and what would stop them from buying such garments. We’re now renewing this study to find out what your current opinion is.

If you do not know what a smart textile is, don’t worry : we’ll define it later on in the questionnaire !

As always, the questionnaire is anonymous and your answers will only be read and used by us.

Thank you in advance !

  • Techno or not Techno ?

  • Smart textiles and what can be done with them

    Smart textiles are textiles that are connected and that adapt to their environment. They do so by receiving and analyzing signals. For example, it can be a t-shirt that monitors one’s heartbeat when they play sports or a pair of shorts that monitor one’s performances or even a jacket that warms somebody up when it is cold… Smart textiles can be used for sports, health and protection purposes.

  • What you are looking for….or not !

  • Let’s talk about you