Publication September 2013

the challenges of educational innovation and knowledge management

Gérard PIGNAULT, director of the CPE Lyon Engineering School, Eric AUJOGUE, director of the IMIS Lyon Institute of the healthcare industries management, Isabelle ROUADJIA, in charge of the EnsAD material library (Higher College of Decorative Arts) and Charles PAHLAWAN, assistant director of the Paris Economic Warfare Institute (EGE) agreed to share with us their vision concerning educational innovations. They also provide us their expert opinions on the changes of knowledge management patterns.

The “Focus” column is dedicated to printed electronics. Although they have a significant impact on the design and the fonctionnalities of future objects , these technologies starts leaving reseach laboratories for industrial industries’ design offices. Aurore LANNEAU, project leader on printed electronics within the PLASTIPOLIS competitiveness cluster, explains in exquisite detail this technology investissement through a presentation of Project COLAE.