Marcus Evans

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Strategies for Optimised Management of Research & Development

Kamitis is partner in the colloquium “Strategies for Optimised Management of Research & Development”. Launched by Marcus Evans in 2013, Kamitis actively participated in the organization of this event.

During the three sessions of November 2013, 2014 and 2015 Kamitis director Khaled Baaziz gave a presentation on the challenges and opportunities involved in “strategic and technology watch in companies”, and chaired a round-table discussion on the subject.

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Programme 2014

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Programme 2015

Speech of Mr Roland Stasia (Renault)

Intervention de Roland Stasia (Renault)

Round-Table Discussions on Competitive Intelligence

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Kamitis was a partner in the organisation of the first Round-Table Discussions [“États Généraux”] on Competitive Intelligence (CI) and of the CI Gala, which took place on 29th June 2011 at the École Militaire, Paris, France.

The Discussions were devoted to new forms of economic comparison and to rethinking industrial policies as well as to the professions involved in competitive intelligence and to French public policy pertaining to it. The Discussions provided a platform from which to launch the International Institute for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence (the CI Institute) whose aim is to bring together the public and private entities concerned by the challenges of competitive intelligence.
Top CI specialists were brought together on this occasion : Christian Harbulot, Philippe Baumard, Philippe Caduc, Bernard Carayon, Philippe Clerc, and so on.

The conclusion of these Discussions was delivered by French Minister of the Interior Claude Guéant, in the presence of Edith Cresson, former French Prime Minister and advisor to the Agency for Disseminating Technological Information (ADIT).

Kamitis is strongly convinced that innovation is the engine to drive the growth of our firms, and that in this role, it should be developed, financed and protected by a policy on competitive intelligence at both local and national scale.
This was the conviction that inspired in Kamitis the wish to take an active part in organising this event, so as to show its commitment alongside innovative firms.