About Us

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Kamitis is a firm specialized in scientific expertise, in competitive and business intelligence and in technology watch.

We mainly operate through working with innovative companies, but also intervene on behalf of institutions and investors.

For our clients, we produce state-of-the-art technology studies, market studies, technical and economic studies, benchmarking, due diligence and training.


Our mission focuses on substantially improving the competitiveness of our clients in markets where the competition is ever fiercer.

We assist them in taking strategic decisions, basing our advice on information acquired through monitoring and competitive intelligence.
We help them to develop their innovations and to resolve their technical problems.
We support them in improving their skills through the training.


Excellence : we undertake to bring all our skills to bear so as to provide you with the highest possible quality of service.
Flexibility : an essential value inherent to the professions of business intelligence and innovation watch.
Respect : respect for our partners and clients, respect for confidentiality, respect for deadlines, respect for our commitments.

Our team

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary experts who have acquired solid experience within international groups in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, information technology, chemistry, materials sciences, biotechnology, and so on.
They are enthusiastic, multi-talented and independent, and their specialisation in strategic intelligence, technology watch and competitive intelligence is a major asset for our clients and for the missions with which they entrust us.

We also maintain a partnership with a European network of experts upon whom we can call when providing a specific service.